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Off-Grid Surveillance

  • 24/7 Live Video Monitoring
  • Audio Talk Down
  • Remote Lighting Control
  • Law Enforcement Dispatch
  • Human Guard Replacement


The Problem


No Power/Internet

Can’t justify cost of guard patrol

Guards are slow

It’s not safe to confront criminals

The Solution

We use solar and cellular

We park mobile systems at your site


We use speakers to warn in seconds

We help police do their jobs

Mobile Viewing

Check your site right from your phone and even have two-way conversations with people onsite.


Motor Vehicle Theft



Oklahoma City Annual Crime Data

according to NeighborhoodScout®

Take Action as a Crime Unfolds

Analytics Trigger Alarms

Our advanced analytics can tell the difference between vehicles, animals, and people.

Trained Operators Investigate

Our virtual guards view live streams from the cameras onsite and determine whether a threat exists.

Change the Outcome

Virtual guards take action to stop the threat.

  1. Activate security lights
  2. Sound loudspeakers
  3. Dispatch police

The Results Are Amazing

Remote Intervention (RI) makes your property very uncomfortable to criminals who enjoy lurking in the shadows by exposing them to the world as they attempt to harm your assets, customers, and employees.  Let us show you what our Virtual Security Operations Center (VSOC) can do to prevent loss in your business.

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