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A quality security monitoring service in America today is crucial.  This is especially true for those with unattended properties, like construction sites. Criminals have moved from home invasions where occupants may return at irregular times to sites with predictable occupancy hours.  Construction tools and heavy machinery also yield huge earnings in a single take, minimizing their risk.  According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, in association with National Equipment Register, the costs due to equipment theft range between $300 Million to $1 Billion annually, while the estimated cost of single stolen piece of equipment is $46,273.

These estimates do not include stolen building materials, tools, or damage to the premises during the robbery.  Other unincluded expenses are losses from construction interruption, project delay penalties, workforce costs and management time.  The report cites low risk of detection and arrest, along with lenient penalties as reasons for the rise in construction thefts in recent years.  From a criminal’s perspective, earn more money with less risk; why wouldn’t one target construction sites?


Criminals are driven and smart as ever in finding gaps in security.  That is why having a security alarm service you can trust is worth its weight in gold. A secure surveillance system doesn’t mean minimum wage high school graduates taking a leisurely stroll around your property or a website with fancy satellite surveillance graphics that are poorly supervised.  For a surveillance security system to be effective, it must be professionally observed and flexible enough to change as the situation dictates.


AlarmTransfer not only protects your property with 24-hour monitoring, but allows users to check on workers in real time and track daily progress through time lapse. Keep on top of your business from worlds away, at any time!  Most systems with such capabilities usually require WIFI or a router, but AlarmTransfer’s Game Changer utilizes a cellular network. So anywhere there is phone connectivity, you have 24 hour video surveillance.  For isolated work sites or remote areas of interest, security guards are unrealistic and costly.  In this situation, the proprietary system of AlarmTransfer is the most cost effective way to ensure your investments are carefully monitored.


The Game Changer system is the only security surveillance system which allows you to alter the location of your cameras, to best protect your property.  Criminals, especially for construction sites, will test security for blind spots and see how fast response times are.  The flexibility of the AlarmTransfer platform keeps crooks guessing at who’s watching and from where.

Virtual Guard

AlarmTransfer is disrupting the security surveillance industry with lower costs and better equipment.  They have listened to the numerous complaints about costly and ineffective security guard services with poor coverage and even worse, disinterested customer service. CEO of AlarmTransfer, Lee Stauss, a former intelligence officer, started the company to provide high-end security at an affordable price without onerous contracts.  Join him for an exclusive webinar to learn more about the benefits of this breakthrough in security monitoring services.

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