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Security for Commercial Cannabis Production

  • 24/7 Live Video Monitoring
  • Managed Access Control
  • Monitored Alarm System
  • Fire System Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Facial Recognition for Visitor Logging


Protect Your License

Stay legally compliant with your state

Prevent Internal Theft

Our advanced video analytics and live monitoring help stop theft

Virtual Guards

Trained operators monitor your operation remotely

Automated Visitor Management

No more signing in with pen & paper

Managed Security That Supports Profitability

It’s a fact.  Regulated industries are burdened by higher operational overhead than traditional ones.  That’s why those in the cannabis industry serious about business growth need to be smart about increasing operational efficiency.  We manage your security system so you can dedicate full attention to your customers.  We monitor your cameras remotely and alert you of suspicious behavior.  We manage badges and PIN codes for doors.  We catalog and archive visitors and customers using facial recognition.  All of these tasks eat away at your bottom line by pulling your team away from their primary duties.  The solution is outsourcing the work to AlarmTransfer.

Off-Grid Video Surveillance

Monitor assets in remote locations where access to power and internet service is limited.  Our units deliver video, audio, and lighting to remote locations and our operations center monitors your assets in real-time.

Remote Intervention

Our operations center can take control of lighting, doors, and speakers to deter crime and thwart crimes in progress.  We use relay-driven devices to make it extremely uncomfortable for criminals seeking to do harm.

Visitor Management with Facial Recognition

Facial recognition helps automate your record-keeping so inspections go smoothly.  We can help you build a database of visitors that can be used for marketing purposes, alerting of banned people & criminals, and more.  The best part is AlarmTransfer does all the work.  You simply scan the driver licenses of your visitors and we do the rest.

Virtual Guard

We monitor your property, assets, visitors, and employees from our remote operations center.  You get real-time alerts and phone calls when a problem is detected.

Fire System Maintenance

Our licensed fire system professionals will routinely inspect your fire system to make sure you meet local code and avoid fines.  Most importantly, a well-maintained fire system will keep your customers and employees safe and reduce false-positives.

Smart Alarm Systems

Leveraging cutting edge technology to bring your business more visibility into your state of security and faster police response times.

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