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About Home Alarm Monitoring

It is a well known fact that the home security and live alarm monitoring industry has lost sight of what’s important.

Protecting you and your family.

So what started out as a business opportunity, turned into an industry disrupting force.


icon1_about_03 A force for change.


icon2_about_03 A force for good.


icon3_about_03 A force that puts you the consumer in control.

The answer was suddenly clear!

The home security industry needed a “Jerry McGuire” focus shifting moment. (You know that scene in the beginning of the movie where Tom Cruise’s character, Jerry McGuire, writes his opus to disrupt the sports management industry? Yeah…that’s us for your home and business security and live alarm monitoring needs!).

Welcome to the future

of home security and business protection.

At AlarmTransfer we believe that protecting your home and family doesn’t need to involve costly contracts and expensive monthly service fees. Our live alarm monitoring allows for you to receive first response monitoring using your existing alarm hardware at a fraction of the cost without compromising on response times.


“A time like this doesn’t come along very often. So we seized it”

Lee Stauss




Our mission at AlarmTransfer is to help families and businesses protect your money, protect what’s valuable and important to you, and to protect the earth by utilizing security monitoring equipment you already own.

And of course, if you don’t have any alarm security hardware yet, we can help with that as well.

Our founder Lee Stauss designed AlarmTransfer with you in mind.

The AlarmTransfer

Home Security and Business Protection Mantra:

You’re in control.


No long term contracts.


All at a fraction of the price

of our competitors.


Best in the industry live monitoring.


Reuse your current hardware;

or upgrade to current technology at our cost.

In an emergency,

who will I be talking to…

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyways, our entire alarm monitoring staff is reliable. They are courteous. They have a peculiar eye for detail. And of course the personal attention you would expect and you deserve.

Before our Central Station team is allowed to speak to you our customers, that team member will have earned a minimum Level II (advanced) training and certification by the CSAA (Central Station Alarm Association)

Our Central Station has been awarded Five Diamond Certified status from the CSAA; representing core competence in the 5 key areas of alarm monitoring.

AlarmTransfer - Best Alarm Monitoring Service

icon-check_03 Modular & Expandable

Add and Upgrade Components as per your Requirements.

icon-check_03No Long Term Contracts

We make it simple to proyect your home.

icon-check_03 Intelligent Control

Arm/Disarm and Control your home from your smartphone.


You can  take your system from home to home.

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